“You can be down all you want at the NFR when things aren’t going your way, but when your fellow competitors do that for you when they’re waiting in line to make their own run, that is so special.” – Kimmie Wall

“He’s a thinker – you can see that he’s an old soul.” – Andrea Busby

“They have to want to turn a barrel, they have to want to do their job, and roping keeps their minds fresh and keeps them interested.” – Justin Briggs

“Honestly, I don’t know how I did it back when I was younger. I can remember washing my hair in a bucket, getting a room one day a week so I could get a really good shower and eating on $5 a day. If I didn’t win, I had to go home.” – Kim Thomas

“If people spend time with a horse when it’s young, it really makes a difference later on down the road when they trust you completely in any environment you put them in, but don’t just kick them out and make them be a horse right away. Slowly ease them into their work.” – Rylee Elliott

“It was a surreal moment. I was in shock. I wasn’t expecting it, so for it to be reality was hard to wrap my head around – it still is.” – Nellie Miller

“If you look at those top three horses in the average, they worked every single time. They didn’t shake their heads, they weren’t bad in the alley – every single round they did the same thing. I think that is really special. Those super consistent horses are the type you want to rodeo on.” – Ivy Conrado

“It was very special to be back there with somebody who was having the very first go-round win of their career. It was enlightening to see that raw emotion, and I had flashbacks to my first NFR, my first round win and how special it was.” – Lisa Lockhart

“It was a rally good weekend – I think I should just stop now, I don’t think I can ever do that again.” – Brandon Cullins

“Everybody keeps telling me it’s something for the record books, because nobody’s ever bred, raised and trained so many slot horses. It shows hard work pays off, and having good bloodlines and good barrel horses all pays off.” – Lacey Harmon


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