1. “You just think you may never have a horse like this. They all work so hard for us, and they’re so amazing how they do it and tolerate all the travel and everything.” – Kathy Grimes

2. “You must build the right foundation so the horse knows how to stop, back up, collect, arc through its ribcage and move its body parts in response to your cues.” – Charmayne James

3. “If you take care of the little things, the big things will take care of themselves.” – Nellie Miller

4. “He is the first thing I check on every day, and if he’s bright-eyed and nickering at me for feed, I know he’s feeling good.” – Taci Bettis

5. “When Arson wants to lead me, I know it will be a good day.” – Sherry Cervi

6. “Breeding is the only way I can afford to get those pedigrees. I feel like breeding is kind of a payment plan.” – Craig Brooks

7. “They can’t impale themselves on a T-post, and I can’t tell you what a peace of mind it was for me to build the fence the way we did.” – Jordon Briggs

8. “Go as mild as you can, try to create good habits and seek help from a professional when you need it.” – Greg Darnall

9. “I knew I couldn’t play around, so I just let him roll and he was on.” – Janet Staton

10. “I was just glad I got around the barrels. He never ceases to amaze me.” – McKenzie Morgan

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