Compiled by Abigail Boatwright; Photos by Ty Stockton

2016 CFD WBR Slack BlanchardSydni 9803HiResSydni Blanchard at the 2016 Cheyenne Frontier Days. Photo by Ty Stockton.

Sydni Blanchard

I love the the summer run. I really enjoy all the summer rodeos. I always look forward to Cheyenne. I’ll make sure my horse is fresh and healthy and ready for that specific rodeo. I really like the big outdoor pens—the rodeos my grandpa and my uncle rodeoed at. Some really good family friends of ours, they all talked about stories at Cody and Cheyenne and Ellensburg. It’s always fun to compete at those rodeos in the summer.


2016 CFD July26 WBR BeanJana 5295HiResJana Bean and Dashing Klee at the 2016 Cheyenne Frontier Days. Photo by Ty Stockton.Jana Bean

The other day I was driving by myself back from Deadwood to Cheyenne, and I thought you know, I am so blessed to get to do what I do, because I get to see God’s landscaping around every part of the country. I just love to see God’s landscaping and how He places the rocks and the trees in the mountains, in the fields. Those kinds things are my favorite part; getting to see what God has created.



LisaLockhart CFD2016Lisa Lockhart and An Oakie With Cash at the 2016 Cheyenne Frontier Days rodeo. Photo by Ty Stockton.Lisa Lockhart

More than anything, it’s just the adversity always there around you, whether it’s weather conditions or arena conditions, where you draw—there’s just so much adversity. It’s very challenging. I always look at those kind of things is a challenge. Sometimes you have to set your bar higher because of it. It just makes you try even harder. That’s part of it that makes it so challenging. Nothing is ever the same twice. Maybe it’s just my personality that I love challenges, where you can either thrive on this or die on the sword. That’s the way I look at it. I think we are all adrenaline junkies or we wouldn’t be doing this. Just try to have a positive attitude and surge on. You just never know what lies ahead.


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