Diving into the futurity world can be intimidating, especially when you start entering horses. After entering an average six head of horses at each futurity, this became an easy task for futurity trainer Molli Montgomery. I caught up with Molli to help explain the crazy frenzy of futurity entries. 

When Molli first started out, she too admits it was a bit overwhelming but says once you find a routine it will become easier. For starters, she says to find a seasoned futurity trainer and get tips, and then find your own layout for what fits you and your horses best.

Some of Molli’s tips:

  1. Know which futurities you would like to enter and research on their website to know when the payments are due, because most entries are due either the first or 15th of each month. For example, the big January futurities are in Arizona and Edna, Texas; February is the LG Pro Classic in Kinder, Louisiana; March is Diamonds and Dirt Barrel Horse Classic in Waco, Texas, and the Lucky Dog Productions. May features the Old Fort Days Futurity, Southwest Desert Classic and Kohr Quarter Horses Futurity. The summer and fall futurities include the 5-States Breeders Futurity, Copper Springs Ranch, Cornhusker Futurity, Barrel Of Gold, Best of the Best, Fizz Bomb Futurity and Parker-Wood Memorial Futurity. Of course as we move into winter, JB Quarter Horses and the Barrel Futurities of America World Championships take center stage.
  2. Most futurities have payment slips on their website, so go ahead and print off all of them, fill them out, place a pre-addressed envelope with a pre-dated check so they will be ready to be dropped off at the post office. 
  3. Make sure to check if the stalls are included, because they are with some entry fees and not with others, which will require a different form.
  4. Have a binder or book with each horse’s information, and always have several copies of each horse’s papers in each.
  5. Keep a business checkbook. 
  6. Take a picture of the filled out check with the futurity entry before mailed, so if there is ever a problem, you can go back and confirm where the mistake was made.
  7. Always check what incentives each horse is enrolled in and make sure they’re entered. 

“One of the biggest confusions when entering the BFA is the futurity entry payments are due January 1, but the Juvenile and Derby entry payments start September 1, so you want to research your different futurities,” Molli said. 

Molli also says her binder is like her futurity bible. She says her business checkbook has helped make everything easier to keep up with, and she also added that it’s important to keep the information on each and every horse she hauls in the binder as well. The information includes the last time they were wormed, shod, what times they ran and won or placed and where, and even which part of the entry and stalls she, as the trainer, has covered. Molli says she cannot live without her futurity binder. 

Article written by Shelby McCamey, an avid barrel racer and Texas native. 


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