One of Equi-Stat’s top futurity riders Pete Oen knows what it’s like to be on top of the charts. He’s taken home multiple big wins in the futurity world, including the Diamonds and Dirt Barrel Horse Classic and has more than $861,000 in lifetime earnings. With such a complete resume of success, Oen knows what it’s like to live on the road and exactly what he needs for those long hauls.

“One of my must-have things I take with me is my Equi-Resp,” Oen said. “I wish I could haul my Theraplate, but it’s just too big and heavy. The Equi-Resp machine is a must, and I’m kind of an organization freak, so even while I’m there or on the road or when I load and unload it out of my trailer it has its own special spot and I know where to find it.”

peteoenPete Oen and Guys Dashing Jet. Photo by Kenneth Springer

Keeping his horses in top condition is a No. 1 priority for Oen, which is why along with his EquiResp, he makes sure to take any therapy products he might need, grain, hay and all of his Back On Track products.

“My dog also goes with us most of the time,” Oen said. “When I go to Arizona, because I feed Bluebonnet Feed and there’s only that one mill in Ardmore in the entire United States, I make sure I take enough grain versus enough hay, because I know I can’t find it very many places. I know they are spreading it around a lot more now, but I would darn sure make sure I’m not going to run out of grain while I’m gone.”

Oen also makes sure to take a few necessities in a case of an emergency, such as his shoeing tools.

“I’m one of those who can fix a shoe and put it back on, but I’m not a farrier,” Oen said. “I normally take my shoeing tools with me so I’m not in a bind. As long as I can find the shoe, I can put it back on myself.”

But the most important thing Oen can’t leave the house without is a winning horse.

“That’s about it, other than a good horse,” Oen said. “I think we all get our turn at winning and it darn sure takes a good horse. Sometimes it takes a good horse for us to be a good trainer. A lot of people ask me how do you get where you are today? And again, I don’t think I’m the best person who ever walked the face of the Earth, but I say you win on a loser. That’s how you get people to notice and recognize you. When you show up and win on a horse that should have been a loser, and until then people aren’t going to send the best, most expensive colts they have. You won’t get them until you can prove to people that you can teach a horse to win, and normally you don’t get to start with the good ones. So, I tell people you have to win on a loser. Then you start to get better horses and a better pedigree.”

Article by Kailey Sullins, managing editor of Barrel Horse News.


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