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Proper fit is essential for any cinch. The cinch is the lifeline that holds your saddle in place, which in turn keeps you in a stable position during competition that is most importantly comfortable for your horse.

  • Choose your cinch by measuring the distance from one heart girth or “sweet spot” under the belly to the opposite one.
  • When the cinch is tight, the dees should lay flat and clean against the horse’s heart girth or sweet spot. If it rides above or below the sweet spot, it can cause soreness and discomfort. To allow flexibility or “give” as your horse moves, use a cinch/latigo combination.
  • Leather is a natural fiber that has “give”. Leather latigos expand slightly and move with the horse as you ride.
  • Use a cinch with stainless steel hardware, which is long-lasting and will not rust, corrode, or bind up. Classic Equine cinches are made with stainless steel hardware to ensure you are getting the highest quality product possible.

Feeling is believing! Introducing the Aura cinch by Classic Equine. The Aura is like no other cinch on the market. Its unique design is incredibly lightweight and breathable, but it provides soft, durable and long-lasting protection for your horse.

The Aura features a revolutionary three-ply, 100% breathable design using technical materials that provide long-lasting comfort and performance. A soft jersey next to the horse’s skin helps to prevent chafing and rubbing. The breathable, odor-resistant foam center cushions and absorbs impact and pressure while resisting compression even with extended use. Last but most certainly not least, the Aura cinch has a revolutionary exterior shell made of a tear and abrasion-resistant nylon mesh that stands up to the toughest treatment, even spurs! The combination of the Aura’s breathable materials allows you to literally feel the air pass through the cinch providing maximum coolness and comfort for your horse in competition or practice. As air freely passes through, there is a lesser risk of bacteria transfer, girth itch, and galling. The Aura cinch is easy to clean, dries quickly, and remains soft and supple even with extended use. Available in both roper and straight styles, find the Aura at your favorite Classic Equine retailer.


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