By Abigail Boatwright, originally published in the May 2017 issue of BHN

JimEdwards1 Boatwright webUsing a ported bit on your barrel horse might be the key to stepping up your game, thanks to the tongue-relieving design of the mouthpiece. Photo by Abigail Boatwright.Common barrel racer perception says jointed mouthpiece bits are generally mild and ported bits are more severe. Many barrel racers ride in bits with a jointed mouthpiece, often opting for gag bits, assuming they are the best option for barrel racing. But you might be surprised by bit maker Jim Edward’s advice. Having equipped top competitors in reining, cutting and performance classes, Edwards has begun fitting barrel racers with his unique line of ported bits—and trainers such as Dena Kirkpatrick and Jane Irick Fambro are seeing excellent results.

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