It’s one of the most fun things to shop for as a horse person – tack. In the following pages, you’ll find fun and functional tack and equipment products from Barrel Horse News advertisers sure to brighten up your trailer or barn tack rooms this spring.


Bob Marshall’s Sports Saddle
Sports Saddle, the original treeless saddle by Bob Marshall, is designed to be the most comfortable riding saddle for horse and rider on the market. These lightweight saddles allow the most flexibility along with quality craftsmanship in one product.

Seven Saddles Safe Tree
The Seven Saddle Safe Tree is Seven’s most popular saddle on the market right now. Barrel racers already love the perfectly balanced and square riding position that a Seven Saddle puts them in, and Seven has taken it even further with the Safe Tree.

Robbie Phillips Saddlery
Robbie Phillips, son of former saddle maker Cecil Phillips, remodified his father’s original barrel racing tree. The bars allow a rider close contact to the horse while riding and the flexibility to keep your feet forward.

Circle Y Martha Josey Ultimate Cash Barrel Saddle
Riders love the best-selling Josey Ultimate Cash saddle for its secure seat design and forward-hung stirrups to keep your legs in front and underneath you. You can get your hand around the horn to push down more easily in your turn and pull up leaving.


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