National Barrel Horse Association Las Vegas Super Show Open 1D Average Champion Cheyenne Lindsey shares how she prepares her horse LL Cat Man Do for a three-day show.

Interview by Blanche Schaefer

Do you do anything differently when you have a big show coming up?

“Coming up to the weeks prior, I keep him the same. I don’t want to make him think we’re doing something huge. I’m really lucky I have a great sponsor who has a cold saltwater spa that lives right next door to me, so I get to put him in the saltwater spa quite often. I make sure he’s got no swelling or unsoundness in his legs whatsoever. That helps, knowing that this legs and everything else is good physically. I try not to change too much, just keep him working and not make him think something is a big deal or he has more pressure on him than normal.”

How do you keep “Cat Man” feeling good at the show?

“Just try my best to keep him happy. Especially there at South Point [Hotel and Casino Equestrian Center in Las Vegas], it’s asphalt under the mats so we put mats in the stalls. I clean his stall as much as I can, bring him out and walk him as much as I can, keep hay in front of him all day long. For all my horses, I make sure if their stomach starts hurting at all that they’ve got food in front of them to cure that. I keep him to where he feels good and wants to work.”

What kind of alternative therapies do you use?

“After I run, I have Lameaway – The Old School Horse Rub CBD poultice I put on his legs. I keep Soft-Ride Equine Comfort Boots on him when I get there and he’s on concrete. I’ve use Back on Track USA, and the Professional’s Choice equine therapy product that are ceramic lined.”

Cheyenne Lindsey and LL Cat Man Do turning a barrel
Cheyenne Lindsey and LL Cat Man Do (2004 gelding, Hi On The Wine x Go Bug A Star x AR Star) winning the Open 1D average championship at the 2019 NBHA Las Vegas Super Show. Photo by Dusty Saddles.

What’s his exercise routine on a daily basis?

“Really easy! I rope on him some; I like to head on him so he gets to run a little bit and open his lungs up and stretch out without doing it on the pattern.I don’t have to work him through the pattern very much, maybe once a week. I ride a lot of colts, so I’d take my colt and ride her and turn him loose in the arena and let him run and play. When I do ride him, I lope him and trot him a lot. He doesn’t get anything super fancy for a workout routine, just keep him legged up and happy.”

Read more about Cheyenne and Cat Man’s Las Vegas Super Show win in the August 2019 issue of Barrel Horse News!

Cheyenne is sponsored by Sundial Show Clothing, Robbie Phillips Saddlery, Formula 1 Noni Corporate Page, Dust and Bling Tack, Triple Crown Feed, CSI Saddlepads, and Sydni Blanchard Riding Fearless.


Blanche Schaefer is an avid barrel racer and managing editor of Barrel Horse News. Email comments or questions to [email protected]

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